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Should the US Open champion mention Serena's abscence

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in thier acceptance speech? Or was that something only Steffi Graf should have done?
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hingis-seles said:
What happened to Monica Seles was NOT an injury.
Funny, that's what her doctor called it. 'The injury to Monica's back ....'

What would be better? The 'wound'? The 'incision'? The 'old-news-but-I-don't-have-a-life-so-I'm-focusing-on-an-event-12-years-ago-by-a-player-who isn't-even-competing'?

What Monica Seles got as a result of that attack was an injury.

A narrow but not shallow incision in the upper back, which healed completely in two months or so.

They say if you fall off a horse, you should get right back on. Otherwise, it may be a long time til you can make yourself do it. Monica chose not to come back on the court as soon as she was physically able. In fact, she waited over another year.

I stopped feeling sorry for Monica the third time I heard her say 'I don't want people to feel sorry for me'. That seemed to be the best way to honor a great champion. TREAT HER LIKE A CHAMPION, not a victim.

What happened to Monica in 1992 is OVER. If she were standing next to you, SHE'D tell you to stop bringing it up over and over and over. She's said enough times she doesn't want to focus onthe past, but rather the present and the future. Why is it so hard to accede to your favorite's wishes?
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