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Should Lindsay just pull out?

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I think she should just let it go. Tracy said she was limping, and she will eventually have to retire in some match anyways. I just think she feels this pressure to show up not to dissapoint the organizers. However, I feel that she needs to just pull out before it gets worse.
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harloo said:
I don't understand why some people think she should risk further injury just to get to the qtrs where she will have to retire in a match because of pain. I think she should really just pull out.

She has a nerve DISORDER, NOT INJURY in her foot, it is impossible for to injure it further. My wife has the same thing, and all 3 doctors we have seen have said the same thing, you can do as much as the pain will allow, you cant injure it any further. If the cortisone shots don't work, then you can have surgery to remove the nerve. Lynsd will play or pull out at she chooses, not by what you think!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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