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Should Lindsay just pull out?

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I think she should just let it go. Tracy said she was limping, and she will eventually have to retire in some match anyways. I just think she feels this pressure to show up not to dissapoint the organizers. However, I feel that she needs to just pull out before it gets worse.
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Harloo, from what I understand Lindsay is ending her season, and maybe her career after this year's US Open. Based on this, I doubt she'll retire.
harloo said:
Where did you hear this one from? I never heard about this, I cannot believe Lindsay is retiring after the USO. :sad:
From herself! She said at Wimbledon she may retire. I doubt it'll end this year. I see her playing one more season, to give herself another shot at the Slams.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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