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Should Lindsay just pull out?

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I think she should just let it go. Tracy said she was limping, and she will eventually have to retire in some match anyways. I just think she feels this pressure to show up not to dissapoint the organizers. However, I feel that she needs to just pull out before it gets worse.
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lindsay will know if and when its time to pull out.

if she's limping right now and is still up 6-1 3-0 then she can limp the whole way through the tournament for all i care ;)
well no, basically it doesnt matter when exactly she pulls out or gets beaten. she can totally wreck her foot till she can go no further because she'll have the operation right after the open anyway. it's not like she should pull out not to endanger the rest of her season. she knows this is one of the last chances she'll get to winning a GS so why not try to go all the way?
she'll most definitely end her season after the open but i dont think she said anything about retiring completely. i dont think she will cause in her last interview she mentioned she might play again in new haven next year.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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