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Shiver's Take on the AO Final

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I know that AO is over, but I wanted to post this article and see if anyone else read it. It is Shiver's take on the final and she has some interesting things to say about both players.

Saturday, January 26
Women's final was one-of-a-kind
By Pam Shriver
Special to

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Jennifer Capriati's successful effort to fight off four championship points was just historic. It was like nothing I've ever seen. I talked to Billie Jean King after the match and she said she'd never seen anything like it.

Whether you were calling it, watching it or playing, it was just amazing.

In the first set, Martina Hingis led 5-1 up two breaks when Capriati staged an amazing comeback that fell short. In the second set, the heat began to take its toll -- especially on Hingis.

The combination of the heat and the nerves as Hingis tried to close out the championship became too much. Capriati managed to play out four championship points. That's just bravery.

So much of this match was about the intangibles of conditioning. If it wasn't for the heat index rule that allows for a 10-minute cool down, who knows if either player would have been able to finish the match.

It was 2-2 in the third set when Hingis started indicating to her mom in the stands that her legs were bad. At 3-2 when the trainer came out, Hingis was pretty much done. If it was boxing, they would have stopped the fight.

If Hingis is going to kick herself over anything, she will regret those first two championship points when she played hoping for a miss by Capriati. Players frequently try for a miss, but when you're playing against someone as stubborn as Capriati, hoping won't work.

Hingis is going to be devastated and demoralized after once again failing to close out the final of a Grand Slam. It's going to be the biggest tennis hangover of all time. The only other person who suffered a defeat close to this one was Jana Novotna in the 1993 final at Wimbledon against Steffi Graf. Novotna was up two breaks in the third, but she never even got to championship point -- nothing like letting four championship points slip away.

Hingis is supposed to play Tokyo next week, but you have to grieve after a match like this. You don't just lose it, get up in the morning and move on. This is the most devastating thing that's happened to her. What she's feeling now is grief.

Capriati has got to feel a mile-high. She's also got to know that she's incredibly fortunate. She lost her composure badly on a line call early in the second set and got down 4-0. She deserved to lose the match based on that loss of composure. The calls were inconclusive on the replays, and she really overreacted to that.

I've never seen a match with so much drama and emotion. Emotional matches at lesser tournaments are great to watch, but when you get a match like that at a major, one of the four crown jewels of the sport, it's just so much more meaningful and historic.
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Excellent article. Thank you for the post.
Yeah thanx for the article!!!
Thanks for posting this article.
Wow! I cannot believe that Pam said that Jen deserved to lose it. I think deep down she has a little soft spot for Martina even though she picks on her because she said that once Martina sought her out when she was feeling down and Pam felt her and told her that she is a great player with all the game necessary to win and that she needed to fight more.
I like the article. I love Pam.

It's funny how the tennis players just say they'll have to move on after such defeats, but they never mention how they'll grieve over it. I know I would grieve if I were so close.

I guess I thought Martina wouldn't miss a beat and just start preparing for Tokyo. Now I think otherwise. I'll believe Pam.
I actually think if Martina had missed Tokyo she would have just sat and thought about the Aussie final too much. Instead a few days later she is focused on another event. That will put it to the back of her mind. Imagine a final in Tokyo against Seles or Dokic where she has a matchpoint though - then we will see how far at the back of her mind it is.
Great article by the great woman herself ;)
Thanks for the article!

I Knew There Was A Reason I Love You Apoet29! I Mean Besides The Soul Of A Poet, Being Drop Dead Beautiful, You Are A Jennifer Fan! Ahhh.... Does It Get Any Better Than You?
Re: Wow!

Barrie_Dude said:
I Knew There Was A Reason I Love You Apoet29! I Mean Besides The Soul Of A Poet, Being Drop Dead Beautiful, You Are A Jennifer Fan! Ahhh.... Does It Get Any Better Than You?
Now, I am totally embarassed! Thank you Barrie! :kiss:
I think that article is a joke!

I'm shocked Pam Shriver said that stuff. Maybe she is thinking about her missed opportunities in losing her slam final and never been able to mentally hold it together to get back to another Grand Slam final.

This article is an INSULT to Martina. Martina has always had a good head and she will overcome this grief very quickly and estutely. She's not one to dwell on missed opportunities. She isn't a player that dwells on the negatives. As she said in her speech, while she was disappointed, she was happy that she had exceeded her expectations with her comeback and could draw a lot of positives that she did so well and got so close to taking the title.. To win both Sydney titles, GS Doubles and then reach a Grand Slam singles final after 4 months off from surgery is remarkable and she can see this. Its sad that she got that close but to do what she did in those 3 weeks was remarkable. Hingis acknowledged all this in her speech which obviously Shriver never listened too.

I'm sorry but I am no longer a fan of Billie Jean King or Pam Shriver. Both former players have disappointed me with their commentary/articles on the final due to their bias. I don't have a problem with commentators having their favourites. I just find it very unprofessional when they show profound bias in their work. e.g Billie Jean King was commentating, and everytime Capriati questioned a call BJK would make a comment like, Yes, Capriati is right, that ball was out, even when the TV showed a close up as in, and she also did it to Hingis, she hit a winner which was called out, the close up replay showed it clearly as in and yet BJK commended the umpire saying they had made the right decision and that it was out. I mean BJK was just making a fool of herself, don't think Channel 7 will ask her to commentate again.
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AUSBOY said:
I mean BJK was just making a fool of herself, don't think Channel 7 will ask her to commentate again.
I liked BJK's commentating! :) , i hope Ch 7 ask her to do it again...
I'm not sure why people are taking such offense at this article. :confused:

I don't think she's insulting Martina or complimenting her either for that matter. Of course, Martina would be devastated after that loss. Who wouldn't be? Pam's not saying that Martina won't ever come back or that she won't ever win another Grand Slam. She's just saying that the loss was painful.

Btw, I think playing Tokyo is a good idea for Martina so she can focus on something besides the AO final, as Mark N. said.
What's wrong with the article?

Great article!! :bounce: :D
i thought it was a pretty good article, the content that is. not being overly biased towards any party.

pam could brush up with her writing skill though. i didnt like the sentence structure and vocab and stuff ;)
part of her duty as a part-time writer you know
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