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Shinobu asagoe fans

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Anyone here like Shinobu??
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Shinobu looks as if she's tired. I thought her bigger schedule would be good for her ranking, but it looks as if she's not used to that amount of travelling :unsure:

Does anyone know what the next tournament she'll be competing at?
She's headed to Europe next...I think she's playing Zurich first and I'm pretty sure Linz as well....that's all I know right now...
pcrtennis said:
She's headed to Europe next...I think she's playing Zurich first and I'm pretty sure Linz as well....that's all I know right now...
Yep, according to her site, she's playing Zurich & Linz. :)
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Two more tournaments and then her 2005 season is up? I hope she does well - her ranking looks like it's gonna fall out of the top 40 :scared:
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Congrats Shino!!
omedetou 7th Double Champs in Bangkok!!
She departed from Bangkok yesterday night 11.30pm as i asked her Coach!!
Oct 17 Shino's diary entry

We did it!
We defeated Martinez and Ruano Pascal team and won the doubles title in Bangkok!!
I didn't know but this was my seventh title!!
It was the first time playing with Dulko, so we didn't think we came this far!
At the beginning, I didnt have any confidence about doubles...but right now... I am becoming more like a doubles player?? I need to do well in singles!!!

The matched finished around 7pm...and all errands done..and we left the hotel around 9pm..and flew to Switzerland. We just go here.

The plane got landed and saw everyone started wearing jackets, coats, etc... Ah, me and my coach were the only ones who just wore jeans and tee shirts!!
It was really hot in Bangkok... so we didn't think about the warm clothes!!

Everybody else looked at us like "who are these people!?" We were laughing about it at the airport... but it's freezing here!! Maybe I feel that since I came from a HOT place.

We got here around 6 in the morning... I'll take a nap a bit and practice today. My match will be tomorrow...not much time for practice, but will do my best!!
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Thanks Ex Hopman, I love hearing from Shinobu! She's such a great personality! Glad to see she's enjoying herself alot!! Congrats on her doubles title!
join the thread at Zurich!!! Shino and Ai!!
Shinobu lost against Katrina recently :sad: And it's the second loss this year to her doubles partner as well.

I hope Shinobu can pick up some momentum soon. She played well at Beijing not long ago, so maybe withdrawing from Seoul wasn't a good move on her part.

Anyway, good luck to Shinobu for the rest of the season :)
she can do it!!
Shinobu lost 1st round in Linz to Ivanovic 6-7(4), was not a great match for SHino, she blew some chances in the first set to take it but Ivanovic is a good player. I believe this was the last tournament of Shino's year! It's been an impressive run! Ending the year in the top 40 is very impressive after all those points she had to defend from last year! Can't wait to see how she does next year! Go Shinobu!
Shino lost 1st round 3tournaments So Saddddd
She will now play Quebec City, and I think she will wina t least 1 match there.
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Oh I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo glad!!!! Go SHino!
do ur best shino!!
Well no.....Shino isn't playing Quebec....looks like she's done for the year....tooo bad, she could have won the tourney with that draw.....Pretty good year for Shino though! Can't wait to see how she does next season!!!
love shino!!

ho do you think is the best japans tennis player. I thiny Ai Sugiyama is the best
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