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Shinobu asagoe fans

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Anyone here like Shinobu??
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Well, at least you bagelled Petrova, Shinobu!
Apr. 11 Shino's message

I did it!!! I could win over the no.6 ranked and the last year's FO champion by 7-6, 7-6!! That was my best happening ever in my clay court games! I could move her around from left to right, and could attack her really well.

my match was postponed and two hours later of the match, I played Russia's Petrove on QF. I started off the match well, but couldn't get games...and lost 0-6. I got the second back 6-0, but lost in 3rd 2-6.

However, these performance I could play during the 4 games on the surface I thought I was not good at gave me so much confidence this time.

Charleston, the next tournament is the last one for this will try my best!!!
Aww what a sweet entry by Shinobu!!! :hearts: She's at 22 now, her highest rank, and after beating LLW today, has a great shot at the top 20. Go Shinobu!!! :bounce:
Go Shinobu - she is gonna suprise a few people at french a bit like zheng did last year if she keeps these results up!
Apr. 12 Shino's diary

This is the last week of this trip to the US.
Okay, I want to play my best!!

I had my first round match today against a qualifier. Lee-Waters came back to the tour after she had a baby. There are so many tough players these days!

The pic is from the party!!!
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Apr. 13 Shino's diary

From Charleston

I won with (5)6-7, 6-0, 6-2.
On the 1st set, I lost it after having two SPs... but that gave me more concentrations for the second and third...I should say...

Tomorrow's opponent is Shaughnessy (USA). Today's opponent too, but she's a big before she hits the hard shots, I'll try to attack beforehand.

After the match, I practiced near the tournament. There was an alligator in the pond. I was very suprised!! Coach Tanigawa was having fun and got closer to the pond... and suddenly the alligator moved! He was scared of the "wild" alligator!
I love that picture!
:hearts: @ that pic!!! I love Shinobu's eyes and that green really suits her! :lol: WOW, Ai's hair grew long!! :eek: All three are gorgeous!! :kiss:
Apr. 15 Shino's diary

I lost to Czech's Vadisova by 6-3, 4-6, 6-7 on my third singles round.
On the final set, I could come back from 2-5 to 6-5, but couldn't take one more there.
My assignment from now on is to keep my service percentage up. The first set was ok, but I didn't do well after the second.
To improve my level from here, I would need to attack from the first service more. I shouldn't be passive to win over top players. so the first serve is a key.

Tomorrow, I still have a doubles 3R, but the singles on this american tour is finished. Compared to the past, I played very well. I've gotten more motivation to do better and go even higher.

I hope to do my top performance on the next european tour from these experiences on this clay court season.
I'll fly back to Japan and practice and have trainings, and take a rest...
ok, i'll do my best again!!
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Apr. 19 Shino's diary

On the 17th, I came home via Narita Airport.
Next day, I went to Kyoto to see the cherryblossom (I made it!!). From everywhere was these great was awesome.

On the way back from there, I went to my old coach/teacher (Mr. Mitsukuni)'s grave. I wish he was still around!!

It was been a long time to enjoy the day without tennis.

Tonight, you can see me a bit on TV ("Gakko e iko").
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Shino dropped a msg for Rika!! (Apr. 19)

You did it!!! by Shino-rin

Congrats to get into the French's MD!!
Your great efforts at Indian Wells really helped huh!!
It took me 10 qualifyings to get into the GS's I felt like it was my thing and I was happy for you! Let's do it in Paris together, ok!!!

I came back from America on Sunday, and I went to Kyoto to see cherryblossoms. I enjoy my days off.

I wish the Japan team's victory!
Take care of yourself and say hi to everyone!!

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Shinobu! It's great to see a player rise up steadily throughout her career. It's great to see that she is eager to improve her game! :) You can do it Shinobu!
Go Shinobu !!
Aww I miss the cherry blossoms this year :sad: But they, and Shinobu, look beautiful in that pic!! :hearts:
emo_chico said:
Aww I miss the cherry blossoms this year :sad: But they, and Shinobu, look beautiful in that pic!! :hearts:
You weren't in Japan this spring??
If you go to the north, you can still make it!! :)

Yeah, Shino looks great in the pic!!
ex hopman said:
You weren't in Japan this spring??
If you go to the north, you can still make it!! :)

Yeah, Shino looks great in the pic!!
No, I've only just come back from Brazil ( So I'm not complaining hehe) and now I'm in London. I won't go to Japan until August!! :sad: My friend sent me a video of some cherry blossoms. They look as beautiful as ever!! :hearts:
Shinobu plays Flavia Penetta at the night match tomorrow in Rome. Its gonna be tough as Flavia has won two titles on clay this year, and especially here in Italy, but Shinobu can do it!!

Go Shino!!!! :bounce:
Thankz for really nice cool pics !!!
Go! Shinobu
May 16 Shino's diary

From Strousburg

My first try at Rome was unfortunately the first round loss.

I went to Italy for the Universiade (sp?) 7 years ago. I stayed at Sicily,and that time people said Silicy was the most dangerous place in the I didn't step out from the hotel at all...I couldn't enjoy "the Italy" that time, but this time I enjoyed the country!

First, are there any traffic rules? there were so much street pakings and people drive like 180km/h!! I felt like I'd pull my muscle to hold on...

But, nice Italy! Pasta & Pizza r awesome!! I tried many different good food...and I ate so much!

Since two days earlier, I came here to Strousboug, France.
This trip, actually, my parents r with me. They've been to Australian, Wimbledon and US, but this is their first time to come to tour level tournaments. They are with me for this 4 weeks.

Their original purpose of this trip was to support me and Coach Tanikawa... but rather than that, they are just enjoying themselves here... but anyway, the more the merrier! It's cheering me up too.
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