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Shinobu asagoe fans

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Anyone here like Shinobu??
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What will her latest ranking be like? 26, 27??
I guess Ai's dropping down a bit now... so they will be very close each other... It'll be fun for Japanese tennis!! Yee ehaaw
Shinobu-Asogoe's new career high ranking 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Thought she was going to play Gaz de France?? she's not in the draw...I wonder what happened?
Mayeb she needed a break, she played 4 straight tourneys...GO SHINOBU!
Shinobu will participate in an exhibition event in Japan this weekend. I think her next tournament is Doha or Dubai.
WOW, what with Ai's current slump ( :sad: ) and Shinobu's good start to the year, I wonder if Shin can become Japanese No.1?!?! :eek: I think its possible!

When was the last time Ai wasn't Japanese no.1??? :confused:
emo_chico said:
WOW, what with Ai's current slump ( :sad: ) and Shinobu's good start to the year, I wonder if Shin can become Japanese No.1?!?! :eek: I think its possible!

When was the last time Ai wasn't Japanese no.1??? :confused:
When Naoko Sawamatsu was there, maybe!?
Shino's diary March 28

Today, on the 3rd round, I defeated Francesca Schavone!!
I lost to her at the Olympic, so that was a good revenge!
During the practice in the morning, I was a bit tired, but once the game began, I could move really well. I could attack before her, so it looked easier than I thought. Well, what I can move well on the court is... thanks to Coach Tanikawa and Trainer Yamashita.
Before the match, I had really hard training with them. so I could play like this. Thanks~, thanks~

Next! Sharapova! I need one more revenge from Toray! I'll try my best!~
March 29, Shino's diary

From Miami

Today's 4th R, I played Sharapova and lost by 1-6, 2-6.
I could get to 30-30, but one more point was very far away from there.
From now on, it's not like more techniques, more mental. That's what I need to improve now. I felt like she had a stronger mental that "I want this point!".
Anyway, let's move on... and I'll try to improve on this with practicing more.

It'll be the clay court tournament in Amelia Island next week!
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Go !!! ShinoChan i come back already sorry that My Asagoe last Thread cant be continued !!
Apr. 2 Shino's diary

Finally, I arrived in Amelia Island.
Whew!! I am so tired today!! Well, I heard it would take us 6 hours from Miami... but we stopped by at so many places... and it took us 10 hours!
but in the car, I slep and sang a song...and after all, it was fun.

Mr. Yamashita left for Japan yesterday... so now me only with Coach Tanikawa...and I feel a bit sad... but as soon as I got here, Akiko and Aiko were already we went to Teppan Yaki (Japanese food) all together.

The hotel here is really nice. I got a gorgeous oceanview from the winter!
It's late now... but I'll take some pictures soon.

Apr. 4 Shino's diary

The first round will begin from tomorrow.
My first round opponent will be Mashoa Washington.
A while ago, there was a final between Kraicek and Washington at Wimbledon... and she's his sister.
She has such a good power, but I know she has some rough parts... and this is a clay court... so I will just be attacking her patiently.

Here's a picture (on the website) of the view from my window... maybe too bright from the sunrise??
Apr. 5 Shino's diary

I did it!
On the first round, I won over Washington with 7-5, 4-6, 6-4.
It wasn't easy, but winning after two and a half hours in this hot weather was really a big victory for me. This was my first clay court this season...and I could be patient till the last point...I believe that will be my big confidence.

On my second round, I'll play either Lisa Raymond or a qualifier.
I've played Raymond three times before...but I've never won.
I'd LOVE to I want Raymond to win the first round!!

Here's a picture with Aiko Nakamura and her coach, Mr. Harada on the way to dinner. Nice looking with a habor view isnt it?
Whats her Website address?
Yeah !! i also want to know her web site address!!
WOW, thanks so much for the diary entries!!! :worship: I want the address aswell!! :hearts:

Go Shino against Nastya!!! :bounce:
Shinobu :kiss:

Such a great player and nice person!
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Shinobu beat Myskina, 7-6 7-6!! :eek: :woohoo: Now she plays winner of Petrova/Jankoivc later today. Congrats Shin and good luck!! :worship: :kiss:

Thanks for the link! :)
Petrova d. Asagoe 6-0 0-6 6-2 !!! so score
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