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Shinobu asagoe fans

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Anyone here like Shinobu??
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You can see a point on the Rolnad Garros Website on their highlight reel. She had Schnyder going back and forth with the dropshot, lob and drop volley!!! She looks really good!! GO SHINOBU!
I've seen some great pics of Shino after big wins and she looks SOO excited!! After her win against Schnyder and also against Dulko.
Where were the interviews?
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Go Shino!!!!!!!!!!!
Shinobu had a dissapointing showing against Davenport, losing 1-6, 1-6. The llllooonnnnngggg rain delay obviously affected her play. Dissapointing match but a great fight in this tournament!!!
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Shinobu lost to Spears....I cannot believe it. Spears is a substandard talent with a substandard game. Shinobu should have won in straights. Rediculous loss......

Good luck in the doubles Shino!
I wish she didn't have to play Ai in the first round.....good luck to both of them!
Shinobu defeated Yoshida easily in the first round and then crushed Vinci eaven more easily in the second she plays Dementieva! She has a great shot, especially on this surface!

Shinobu won their only meeting 5-7 6-3 6-3, but it was a few years ago on clay! SHE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY HER!
Mayeb she needed a break, she played 4 straight tourneys...GO SHINOBU!
Whats her Website address?
I love that picture!
Please give us some reports on her!!!! That would be great! I hope she can do really well since she has no points to defend! GO SHINOBU!
Where is Shinobu???
She'll pull it together! GO SHINOBU!
Nice win! Veyr solid. Her draw is verrrry nice. Hope she can take advantage!
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