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Shinobu asagoe fans

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Anyone here like Shinobu??
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I only hope that Shinobu can better or defend her points from last year's grass season. She has so much potential to reach the top 20, but it's her crappy schedule and lack of pro-match play that's been bringing her down :(
I know I'm being pessimistic, but I reckon Dani will win this time. She'll want revenge and poor Shinobu hasn't played much clay tournies in the lead-up to RG.

But anyway, GO SHINNI!!! :worship:
Go Shinobu!!! Good win over Patty :) And on clay as well!

Does anyone know what Ai's doubles ranking will be after RG? She won it last year with much for "playing less doubles to improve on her singles: :eek: :(
YAY! Shino won 7-5, 4-6, 6-4...from 1-4 down in the 3rd :)

Ganbatte, ganbatte!!! :worship: :worship: :worship:
Thanks for the pic!

I'm really proud of Shinobu. She fought so hard and completely took everyone by surprise when she beat players whom she weren't expected to beat - especially on clay, her least favourite surface.

Now, if only Shinobu can take a hint from her great week and start playing more tournaments...imagine how high she can really go up in the rankings! I can smell a top 20 position just waiting to be filled by Shino :)
pcrtennis said:
Where were the interviews?
I don't think it's up on the net ;)
i_love_chanda said:
YAY, Shin beat Nadia, 6-4 2-6 6-4!!! :worship: I really wanted to go see this, but I twisted my ankle! :mad: Oh well, if I don't catch Shino at DFS I'll go see her at Wimby! ;) Great win, and next up is Golovin, who beat Shin at IW this year. Time for revenge Shinobu!! :fiery: :D
Sorry to hear about your ankle :sad:

And yes, good luck for Shinobu in her round 3 match today!!! :D
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:wavey: Sammm, i_love_chanda

Shinobu lost 4 and 0 to Golovin :eek: :mad: :eek: :sad: :tape:

Maybe she was too tired after her match against Nadia...but still, I did think she had a strong chance to take her first pro title :(

Anyway, get better soon Shinobu! I wish her luck in the tourny that really matters (i.e. Wimbledon) :angel:
I hope Shinobu manages to beat Paola today! She's mentioned before that hardcourt is her favourite surface.

Good luck Shinobu! :)
I am proud of Shinobu! I was really surprised that she made it through to the 4th round here. I didn't expect her to beat Paola, whom she lost in straight sets to earlier this year.

And I didn't expect her to beat Eleni as well!!! Shinobu's lost both her previous encounters against Eleni, and for her to pull off this victory and make it through to the QF stage is very impressive!

Well done Shinobu! :worship:

Here's a transcript of her interview after her 4th round victory:

Copied from:

S. ASAGOE/E. Daniilidou

7-6, 4-6, 6-3

An interview with:


(Through Translation)

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. You were down 3-1 in the first set and you were down again in the second set 2-1. What did you keep telling yourself to come back, especially in that first set?

SHINOBU ASAGOE: Especially in the first set, I wasn't serving very well, in the first set especially. So keep telling myself, "Serve better." It really got better towards the second set. But actually I don't know exactly how or what I was telling myself, you know, to get it over.

Q. Do you have a preference who you'll play next, Venus Williams or Lindsay Davenport, and why?

SHINOBU ASAGOE: I don't have any preference. I never won either of them before, so...

Q. What kind of results have you had against both of them in the past?

SHINOBU ASAGOE: I play Venus three times before, and I all lost. Davenport, I played her two years back in Wimbledon, and I lost, too.

Q. What kind of emotions are going through you right now, being this far in a Grand Slam event?

SHINOBU ASAGOE: I was trying my best to just keep going, but still I probably can go further. So I'm not really satisfied right now. I have to go further from here.

Q. Are you just trying to keep your emotions level, even keel, not getting too excited at this point?

SHINOBU ASAGOE: I'm still happy, but trying to tell myself that have to play more.

Q. You came into the US Open with a losing record. Now you're in your first Grand Slam quarterfinal ever. That must make you very happy.

SHINOBU ASAGOE: Just simply I'm happy today with the result. I'm not sort of overreacting with the result that I have now because I'll have another match day after tomorrow. I'm not really, you know, too much excited by the moment, but still I'm happy.

FastScripts by ASAP Sports...

Only $8000 for winning the doubles? :eek:

Here's hoping that Shinobu will win more Tier I trophies in the future :yeah:
Nochi said:
i hope so Musashino ...she played that match really well i think if she has her stable pair she can do her best double the way have a great year 2005..

Yeah, I hope she can get better results next year. Shinobu is very talented and it'd be great to see her show some of that off :)
I think Shinobu's been putting too much pressure on herself lately as well. The loss against Sesil was just unfortunate, since Sesil is a strong up-and-coming player and has beaten Shinobu before.

Anyway, she'll probably pull herself together later in the North American hardcourt season and surprise us all. Shinobu's had bad losses, but she's also had amazing wins before :)
Shinobu looks as if she's tired. I thought her bigger schedule would be good for her ranking, but it looks as if she's not used to that amount of travelling :unsure:

Does anyone know what the next tournament she'll be competing at?
Two more tournaments and then her 2005 season is up? I hope she does well - her ranking looks like it's gonna fall out of the top 40 :scared:
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Shinobu lost against Katrina recently :sad: And it's the second loss this year to her doubles partner as well.

I hope Shinobu can pick up some momentum soon. She played well at Beijing not long ago, so maybe withdrawing from Seoul wasn't a good move on her part.

Anyway, good luck to Shinobu for the rest of the season :)
I'll definitely make it a priority to head off to the Aussie Open this January. And I'll be sure to bring along a digi camera so I can take a couple of Shino pics as well :)

Btw guys, do any of you have an idea of which part of Shino's game needs some major tweaking? I haven't seen her play yet (if we don't count the "hot shots" and replays seen on TV), but it looks like her forehand's the weakest part of her game.
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