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Interesting snippet in Wertheim's column this week:

So long as you're calling your local cable operator and screaming at them to carry the Fake Tennis Porn Channel, try convincing them to air She's On The Game, a terrific documentary that pulls back the curtain on the WTA Tour.

The documentary was produced by Canadians Abbey Niedik and Bobbi Jo Krals and uses the ups and downs of the winsome Sonya Jeyaseelan as a central thread. But there are plenty of candid cameos by your favorite stars. A well-regarded WTA staffer practically takes to her knees begging for Serena Williams to do a simple trick for a client. Martina Hingis is as uninhibited as ever and playfully pretends to throw her pussy in Anna Kournikova's face. Barbara Schett tells you why she has no desire to be a porn star.

This really is must-see TV for tennis/porn fans. (The Snoop Doggy soundtrack is just a bonus.)

If you want to purchase an individual tape, contact Kralls at or, or call (514) 272-2220 or (514) 279-6801.
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