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This was it... a terrific game comes to an end.

First of all i want to thank Adrian and Colin for setting this game up. All games require some work but i know you guys had to do an incredible amount of work on this one.

I also want to thank all participants who made this game so popular and gave the creators the courage to continue the hard work.

I want to congratulate of course Danny who won the first edition of the Sharemarket, but also Steven deserves to be named here cos he has been a contender til the end. Don't forget Michael of course who was in the lead when he quit the game. I hope he's doing fine. As a matter of fact, i congratulate both the participants and of course the creators for creating this nice atmosphere.

I'm very pleased to have won this last (and most important *cough* <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> ) award. It's nice to know i've been here from the start and was motivated to keep on playing all year, which is a proof on how exciting this game is.

Though as a real tennisplayer, i feel exhausted after this heavy loaded season. I won't be playing the challenger foreplay. I know nothing about it anyway. I hope to find the time and motivation to play the next season though.

Thank you all! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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