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Maria Sharapova had the press pack at Wimbledon in a frenzy by thanking a mystery person for their help in her astonishing Wimbledon win.

With Sharapova refusing to shed any light on his or her identity, the newspapers were left to use their imagination.

The Daily Record were convinced it was Martina Navratilova, who saw a young Sharapova playing in Russia and recommended she try her luck at Nick Bollettieri's Academy in Florida.

The Daily Express reckoned it was her fitness trainer Mark Wellington, even quoting his mother as saying: "I'm convinced she was talking about Mark. He has been beside her every step of the way."

But The Sun had the last word, unveiling the mystery man as a "fat, balding, middle-aged - and happily married - multimillionaire" by the name of Mark Fisher.

Fisher apparently bankrolled Sharapova's rise to stardom after spotting the Russian's talent while she practised with his children at the Bollettieri Academy.
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