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Mad-About-Venus said:
They aired the last couple of points of her match last night, and the commentators, Tracy Austin and that other dude were making a big fuss about her grunt. At one point, she wasn't grunting and they were sort of disappointed about it, and sort of waited for her to start grunting again, and they would go: oh there she goes again.

I was sort of laughing about it too, because it is kind of .. well, unique ??

My point is, they are making a big deal about this girl's grunt, and I think a lot of people are going to start tuning in just to see what the fuss is about. Luckily, her game seems to have the potential to eventually get more attention than her grunting. She was very impressive yesterday against Virginia RP.

Sharapova - Capriati 4th Round ? Something to look forward too. I wonder how Jennifer is going to deal with that grunting.
What the grunt really means, courtesy of The Captain and Tenille:
Do that to me one more time
Once is never enough with a man like you
Do that to me one more time
I can never get enough of a man like you
Whoa-oh-oh, kiss me like you just did
Oh, baby, do that to me once again...
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