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Chanda has a very easy draw to the final here with the only exception of Martinez in the semi's (if Martinez gets that far). If not it'll be a breeze to the final.

Here is the possible round-up...

2nd Round

Chanda Rubin VS. Schett or Neffa-De-Le-Rios

either player she'll beat...Schett she might have some difficulty with but Schett isn't play so well right now


Chanda Rubin VS. Harkleroad/Cho/Barna

Again another easy match for Rubin. She killed Barna last week and Cho doesn't have much of serve, and I see Harkledroad losing to either Barna or Cho.

I won't go past the QF's because its just to hard to call.

All I have to say really is...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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