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Being a commentator is all about bias - that's the whole point of it. He's not that great a columnist - what is with the damn baseball references creeping in every week? and the dumb-ass movie questions? - but his opinions are valid. And regarding his comments on Monica, do you really consider her likely to win the AO? Of course it *might* happen, but so might a lot of things, and if you keep hedging your bets - 'she's unlikely to win, but there's always a chance and she's been a great champion' - you make a piss-poor journalist. If I was in his position and had to make a judgment regarding Monica's Slam chances, I'd probably say the same as him (even though she - like all other 127 players - can't be utterly ruled out). And frankly, I'd be more surprised if Monica won the AO than Kim, even if Monica owns Kim.
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