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Serena Williams today annouced plans for her future on FWTA tour

Serena Williams at the L.A OPEN

Today Serena has given some notice that a retirement is possible for her in the near future. Ever since her Quarterfinal performance at Wimbledone Serena has not made it past the second round in any tournaments played.

Last week when playing the Acura Classic against fellow american Chanda Rubin in the second round she fell over leading 5-1 in the second set and then lost it 7-5, she called for the trainer during match and had scans the following day where she found out that she has sprained her ankle slightly.

"Today im here to announce that ill probably be retiring in the near future, my game hasn`t been as good as i have wanted it and im having some problems with my coach Drew and we have came to a mutual decision to split probably after the US OPEN. He has helped me so much but i feel that my game is going another way now to what he would like, but he is an excellent coach"

"My ankle this week is still really sore, I really shouldn`t be playing on it, but im going to give it a try and see how i go with it, thats all you can really do"

Coach Drew: "Serena and I have had a terrific partnership and we are still very close friends, but i want to move on and help some other young up and coming players and im actually in talks with Maria Sharapova from Russia, shes obviously the new young player coming up and we'll see what happens in the future"

Serena with her mum Oracene at a fashion show (Where Rika should go to buy new clothes instead of wearing trackies all the time ;) )

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