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Serena Williams Champion Australian Open 2005
Frank Riley
Serena Williams suffers Rib malfunction in the first set then comes out and destroys Lindsay Davenport in three sets 2-6, 6-3, 6-0.
In the first set Lindsay Davenport came out in top form, perfect fast serves and looked unbeatable. In the first set Serena had trouble moving and struggled keeping the ball in the court. Serena looked as if she was not warmed up and with a larger muscle bound body struggled to keep her body under control. Serena had a medical time out for a rib and back problem, however it looked more like a good plan to get a time out as Davenport never did play the same after the time out.
The second set was totally different as Serena started to warm up. The first game of the second set going to Serena in a rather fast manner. Both players looked even until the set was tied at 3-3 then Davenport made an error in her services game and gave the game to Serena, after that error Davenport lost the edge and her attitude went bad and dark fast. There was really no reason for Davenport to let her attitude get in the way but it did. Williams just got stronger, faster and sharper winning the second set 6-3. In the second set Davenports serves game also went bad.
The third set was horrible for Davenport as Serena played perfectly winning game after game with very few errors and perfect serving. In the third set Davenport only won a few point and lost every game.
The big difference was that Serena never stopped fighting and played hard every point. Lindsay on the other hand just stopped playing hard, giving game after game. For the World number 1 Lindsay Davenport this was a perhaps the worst we have watched of her in over a year.
Serena in the end was asked if it was a dream come true to win another major and be back on top, Serena said yes. But in my mind I have this to say. Welcome back Serena Williams, the number 1 spot has been waiting for your return.
Serena Williams very much was the best tennis player at the Aussie Open this year and my second pick as I have stated in earlier coverage is Maria Sharapova who played much better than Davenport. Only the Draw propelled Lindsay into the final this year as the best two tennis players had already played in the semi finals Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.
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