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That was just to get the attention of the more salacious minded. :)

But I have noticed a certain parallel between Mary Pierce and Serena Williams.
They're about the same size. Both won one GS before they were twenty and then went a long time without winning another. (Serena is still waiting, but not as long as Mary had to.)
They are both sculpted as hell. Serena more so since Mary has had a lot of injuries the two years.
They are both BIG hitters. Both rarely resort to anything else. Serena has a better serve and a better volley. Mary has more reliable grounstrokes.
They both don't win as much as you'd think they should, given their size and ability.

Mary Pierce 15 Jan 1975

1.80m, 68kg

15 WTA Singles
09 WTA Doubles

1st Tournament: Hilton Head '89
1st Victory: Palermo '91
1st GS: OZ '95
2nd GS: RG '00

Serena Williams 26 Sept 81

1.81, 68kg (These are guesses. The WTA figures for Serena are so far off I won't use them.)

11 WTA Singles
08 WTA Doubles

1st Tournament: Sydney '98
1st Victory: Paris '99
1st GS: US '99

Serena will end her career with more singles titles, but I wouldn't be surprised if she ended with the same number of GS singles titles as Mary.

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:eek: to the statics!!!

I really miss Serena and Mary, and I like them both :sad: They are such talented players, and so exciting to watch!

I hope they can comeback faster as expected!!!

:) :angel:

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He he I thought you were going to add onto that couple line and say..

"A couple" of fantastic missed players on the WTA TOUR:) Or something like that.. lol

Serena will win slams she just needs to remain healthy for a few years in a row.:) I still think this is her year:)
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