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08 February 2005 - Nicolas VOLLAIRE
Serena Williams two-times winner of the tournament is back at the Open Gaz de France after a long year of absence. The youngest of the Williams recovered pretty well by winning the first Grand Slam of the season in Australia. Meet the great favourite of the week.
What did you do since Melbourne ?
I took some holydays in Asia to relax a little. But I didn’t celebrate too much because the season has just started and it’s still a long way to go. I am getting a lot of rest and trying to keep my energy for the matches. I didn’t even go for shopping yet since I am in Paris…

Is there a love story between you and the Open Gaz de France ?
I’ve always liked this city and specially the Open Gaz de France. That was my first win on the WTA Tour and I like it because it’s a cosy tournament. I don’t feel too much pressure here, which is cool. Besides, I take any chance or opportunity to come to Paris.

After an eight month injury, is the real Serena definitely back ?
My knee is nearly at 100%. I don’t have any apprehension at all and I’m excited playing at this level again. My victory at the Australian Open was a great relief especially after such a long absence. It gives me a lot of momentum for the rest of the season and a lot of confidence too.

Do you want to be WTA N°1 again this season ?
My goals are to win Grand Slams and important tournaments. If I do so, I believe the ranking will pretty much come with it…(laughters) The N°1 raking is difficult to reach because you have to stay focused and dedicated during the whole year.

What kind of relations do you have with the French public ?
To be honest, I like Paris so much that I also like its public. Whenever I come here, I always play against French players and the crowd is always going “Allez Amélie!” or “Allez Nathalie”! I am used to it now and it doesn’t bother me. Like I told you, I love French people, I love Paris and I love the language.

(LOL she neglects to mention the Justine match :tape: )
What will you be wearing this week on the court ?
I will wear some flowing fun skirts and a lot of cut outs on my top. You will see a lot a skin ! :hearts: (new outfit for Serena)
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