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Absolute rollercoaster but Katya manages to escape. Her serve was very off today and that seemed to affect her confidence. She managed to find it somewhat in the TB and fend off a SP. She will definitely have to step it up though. At least she is back in an outdoor SF on hardcourt for the first time since January 2021 so this trip has definitely not been a waste at this point!

Great tournament for Lulu. Hopefully she can build on this run going forward!

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I think the conditions certainly played a part today.
The wind was quite gusty making conditions awkward.
Drova fell across the line magnificently.
She's serving far too many DF's (8 today) for my liking.
Still she won, and that's the objective.

Sun was pretty useful, made a very good match of it, could easily won the second set.

I think my meds are starting to work, thank god.
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Drova out here to prove me wrong! I said she wouldn鈥檛 make the final but she is finding form. Are the Russians gonna storm the top 15 next year and cause drama?

Honestly maybe- all publicity is good publicity for the WTA.

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Congratulations to the human equivalent of opening a council tax demand. :rain:
She could not have looked more sulky if she tried. I thought she demonstrated tremendous restraint to smash only one racquet. :eek::ROFLMAO:

Sun is the ONLY losing quarter-finalist not to get spanked, and she might even have won the match if she could have cut down on her own errors. She's up to a new career-high live ranking of 254 (may drop one, depending on results in Berkeley, but that's all). Next three weeks are supposed to be playing W25s in Japan, but I wonder if she might try to get a wild card to somewhere higher.

On a slightly different note, the commentator (Charlie Brougham) was absent for so much of what was happening that I suspected he was either making lots of cups of tea or was commentating some other match at the same time! So many wonderful shots or rallies went by without any reaction that I wondered if something had gone wrong with the feed - and ten seconds later he would be back to mention an unforced error.

Anyway, here are the stats from today's match:

Lulu Sun
5-7, 6-7 (6) in 1 hour 55 minutes
Ekaterina Alexandrova
47 / 79 (60%)
First serves in play​
44 / 76 (58%)
27 / 47 (57%)
First serve points won​
31 / 44 (71%)
14 / 32 (44%)
Second serve points won​
12 / 32 (38%)
Double faults​
17 (14 / 3)
Winners (forehand / backhand)​
18 (16 / 2)
25 (13 / 12)
Forced errors (forehand / backhand)​
18 (11 / 7)
38 (20 / 18)
Unforced errors (forehand / backhand)​
39 (27 / 12)
5 / 7 (71%)
Break points won​
6 / 11 (55%)

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She doesnt always win these close matches

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Just as an aside, did anyone else notice the readings on the speed gun? There surely must have been something wrong when Alexandrova can't even get to 140 km/h on a first serve, and the fastest of the day that I saw was 147 from Sun. :eek: Serves from both looked WAAAAY quicker than that!
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