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Seles Withdraws from USopen......

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It is confirmed that monica has withdrawn from the USopen and wonders if she should play again or retire.........she also stated she is done for the season........ :( :confused:

All the time away and she still haven't decided on the surgery. You figure she would have had the surgery and take the rest of the season off to it seems that is more time needed.......anyway, get better soon Monica!!
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if the surgery could end her career why would she have it done? she's a pro tennis player and doesn't want to risk ending her career we should all understand that.
especially when you make a living by running balls down. i guess monica is probably also thinking about life after her tennis career comes to an end as it probably isn't to far off. think about it life for a former top sportsman when they can't even run. i agree it is a very scary decision and one i don't think the risk is worth taking.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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