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Schedule of matches for SUNDAY!!!

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Center Court - Start at 10.00 AM

D Randriantefy (MAD) v S Dubois (CAN)
ME Camerin (ITA) v D Srebrovic (CAN)
S Jeyaseelan (CAN) v A Jidkova (RUS)
E Callens (BEL) v B Ko (CAN)

Court 2 - Start at 10.00 AM

D Bedanova (CZE) v M Washington (USA)
J Craybas (USA) v J Lee (TPE)
J Husarova (SVK) v M Tu (USA)
N Pratt (AUS) v W Prakusya (INA)

Court 3 - Start at 10.00 AM

M Vento Kabchi (VEN) v C Schaul (LUX)
A Widjaja (INA) v S Krivencheva (BUL)

Court 4 - Start at 10.00 AM

J Vakulenko (UKR) v A Parra (ESP)
S Obata (JPN) v T Snyder (USA)
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Goodluck Angie, Wynne, Lee, Obata.
good luck Widjaja
Obata too :bounce:
damn i always forget .....
Good luck Wynne, Angie, Janet, Saori :D
The last two on the list would be very interesting to watch. Vakulenko is moving up the rankings fast, but had to retire from the qualies in San Diego with a shoulder injury. Her shoulder will have to be very healthy to beat Parra. Saw Arantxa play in L.A. this week. She was very impressive, particularly her backhand which can be a very offensive weapon.

Obata and Snyder both played well in Los Angeles. They are a couple of fighters. Look for some verbal fireworks from Snyder.

J Vakulenko (UKR) v A Parra (ESP)
S Obata (JPN) v T Snyder (USA)
go go go go ANGIE,, u can beat her dont you :hug:
go go go go Wynne, Play smart please :yeah:
good luck Krivencheva :) :)
ELS CALLENS will probably withdraw :eek:

she's in the doubles final in LA tonight with elena bovina
Plovdiv born!

I just found out that Svetlana is going to be 30 years old by December 30th...Wow! She is still young! if you compare to Martina Navratilova for sure...All the best to you, Sveta Bulgari!!! ;) :wavey:
can els make it to canada in time? i guess not right? :sad:
go Alinka ;) :kiss:
Julia :)

Steph ;) :)
Claudine ;)
Daja :)
Maria Elena :)
good luck

daja :D
janette :)
alinka :)
julia :)
Good luck to :

Svetlana Krivencheva
Sonya Jeyaseelan
Tara Snyder

Els won't make it up today as she and Bovina are in the LA doubles final. I guess as it's only one match to play before the main draw they might delay Callens - Ko until tomorrow unless the hometown are strict and want another Canadian girl straight through to maindraw ;)
Go Angie!
Go Dally, Saori, Sonya, Meilen, Angie, Wynne, Janet, Mashona and Beier! :D
Good Luck Sonya and Dally :)

did Sonya get a bye into second round? (Don't seen any results from 1st rd)
Bestb of luck to:

D Randriantefy
S Jeyaseelan
J Husarova
A Widjaja
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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