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Standing in the door of the pink flamingo
crying in the rain.
It was a kind of so-so-love and I'm gonna make sure
It never happens again.
You and I - it had to be the standing toke of the year

You were a sleep-around
a lost-and-found and not for me - I fear
I tried to make it work
you in a cocktail-skirt
And me in a suit (well
it just wasn't me).
You're used to wearinq less and now your life's a mess -
So insecure you see.
I put up with all the scenes and this is one scene
That's going to be played my way.
Take your hands off me
I don't belong to you
you see.
Take a look at my face for the last time -
I never knew you - you never knew me.
Say hello
goodbye - say hello
wave goodbye.

Under the deep red light I can see the make-up fliding down.
little girl
you will always make up

So take off that unbecoming frown
what about me?
I'll find someone that's not going cheap in the sales

A nice little house-wife who'll give me a steady life
And won't keep going off the rails.

Take your hands off me
I don't belong to you
you see. . . .
We've been involved for quite a while now

And to keep you secret has been hell.
We're strangers meeting for the first time
Just smile and say "hello" -
Say hello
then wave goodbye - say hello
then wave goodbye

Say hello
then wave goodbye - ...

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Hi, Joey!

What a great song! Which do you prefer-Soft Cell's version, or the recent David Gray version? I think both are fab.
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