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RIYADH (AFP) - A telethon held on Saudi state television raised 43.3 million riyals (11.5 million dollars) in aid donations for Iraq.

King Fahd, who called the telethon, contributed 10 million riyals (about 2.7 million dollars) and Crown Prince Abdullah offered five million riyals, the official SPA news agency reported Monday.

Other senior government ministers donated several million riyals in the telethon which began Sunday evening and continued until the early hours on Monday.

The funds will be given to needy Iraqis directly by Saudi relief agencies.

The first Saudi convoy of humanitarian and medical aid entered Iraq last week as part of the King's 80-million-dollar aid package to Iraq.

The convoy included a large field hospital with some 120 doctors, in addition to food and blankets.

A Saudi plane Sunday brought 12 injured or ill Iraqis to Riyadh for hospital treatment. This is the first batch of some 200 wounded Iraqis expected to be flown into the kingdom for treatment.

Saudi Arabia, which publicly opposed the war on Iraq, has held a number of telethons collecting tens of millions of dollars for Palestinians, Afghans and Chechens.
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