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Saturday scores- First Rd Qualifying

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Mi Ra Jeon vs Seiko Okamoto: 6-3
Abigail Spears vs Sandy Gumulya: 6-4 :( Fight Sandy :bounce:
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Yan Zi - Ayu Fani 2-1.. C'mon Ayu :fiery:
Ayu Fani 4-3 Zi Yan

C'mon Ayu :(
Ayu Fani 4-4 now :fiery: Fight fight :bounce:
Some facts about Ayu Fani Damayanti ;) (According to adjie, she's the next in player after trio SMS (which btw are Sandy Maya and Septi)

She's just 14 years old!!! From Bali (that's why she got the WC). She's pretty small IMO. 1.6m and 55 kg. Her current single junior is 266 (yeah, i know it's out of top 200.. that's because she didn't travel much) According to Adjie, she is sponsored by Wismilak (I think that's another reason why she got the WC) so.. all the best to Ayu..
Now on we go to Sandy Gulmuya..

She's already 17.. Also a small girl IMO. About the same with Ayu. I think she had pretty good records this year. I mean 2002 is definately her year, but I think she had injured somewhen there.. So after coming off the injury, she's a bit deproving, but you know, I think she has fragile mental.. hmm I remembered once she lost, she was crying badly.. She entered 2 10Ks last month. She qualified for one event losing to Septi MEnde (BTW, she owned Septi before injury, but now she has lost to her for like 3 or 4 times...). She played another 2 10Ks in Indonesia, I think she did pretty well.. (forgot bout the result, will check later..) She was part of Fed Cup player.. hmm well, she didn't play..oh once.. doubles with the old Suzanna.. She had a pretty impressive record for doubles

May I present to you.. Sandy

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Ayu :fiery: :fiery: Come on :(

Fight Liza :eek:
Septi - Liza 5-1 :eek: :fiery: :tape:

OMG!! C'mon Liza!!!!

Ayu - Zi Yan 4-6 2-1.. C'mon now, don't choke again :fiery:

Mira leads 4-1 in the last set.. :bounce:
Septi won 6-2 :):mad:

ARGHHHHHH what is Liza up to now.. Prove to Pelti that she's weak.. that they are right :rolleyes: C'mon Liz, show 'em your power :mad:

Ayu-ZiYan 3-3.. :rolleyes: You too, c'mon now

MiRa is choking as well 4-3

Maya is on the left btw.. The other one is Thai's Pichittra
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Ayu lost 4-6 3-6 :rolleyes: :fiery: :mad:

Leading 4-3 and 3-2 *sigh*
Septi - Liz 6-2 1-1
Interesting fact

Last year, at Wismilak Open in Nusa Dua Hyatt...Ayu was one of the ball girls... Hmm this year, she's playing
Septi 2-1 now :fiery: C'mon Liza :sad:
And no Wukir :sad:
Liza 2-2 now :bounce: C'mon keep it going :worship:

Mira 5-4 in the last set
Liza 4-2 now :bounce: :p Amri :p

Mira is choking yet again 5-6
Mira lost 5-7 :mad: :fiery: What a waste :sad:

Liza up 5-2 now :bounce:
kfh_9118 said:
:eek: :eek: Is this true??? Wow, what an achivement by Ayu :cool:
yep, I know ;) Ayu is IMO the next big thing..
köj-è said:
go Septi!! :pFelix:p

btw, add my name at ur sig, it will be ur pleasure to put my name there.. trust me! ;)
:p why should I? When all you do is to piss me off :p
danker said:
Mi-Ra's choked in some form or another in her last 6 losses. She seriously needs to do something mentally... :sad:
I wonder whether all Asian players choke when they're going to win.. :sad:
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