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Sarah Borwell Cheering Thread

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Sarah is currently playing in the Sunderland $10k Semi-Finals, and seems to have finally found some sort of form :) Hopefully this will continue into the few British Challengers coming up! She'll be playing Glasgow $25k, Jersey $25k, Cardiff $25k & Nottingham $25k. So many opportunities to climb into the Top 300 ;)

Good luck sarah :D :worship:
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Go Sarah! She plays Yvonne Meusburger in the semis so that will be tough but she can win that! Let's hope she wins the title!
Sarah lost in the semi's 6-3 6-4 :sad: But at least Sarah has won a few matches this week :) Let's hope she can do the same in Glasgow :)

Good Luck Sarah
No unfortunately she didn't do so well in Glasgow. Must be something in the Scottish air ;) So let's all hope she does well in Jersey, Cardiff and Nottingham...
Matea Mezak who defeated Sarah, then retires after playing 1 game against Arvidsson :fiery: A match which I'm sure Sarah would have won ;)
A very good article on Sarah this month in "British Tennis", which is the magazine for LTA advantage members. A couple of great photos too.
Sarah received a WC into the Jersey $25k, but drew the top seed, Arvidsson, in R1, and did lose, not suprisingly. But did manage to force Sofia to a 3rd set tie-break, losing it 7-5 :sad: So a very promising result from Sarah, let's hope she can improve on this in the coming weeks!
Sarah has come through qualifying in Cardiff :D and in the Main Draw will play Lucky Loser, Tvaroskova. Hopefully she can win ;)

Good Luck Sarah :)
Sarah beat Tvaroskova in straight sets 6-3 6-4 in Cardiff :D :D and will play either 7th seeded Cassoni (240) or Zaric ranked 330. Good Luck in the next round Sarah.

In the rankings these victories should make Sarah the Brit #4 above, Hannah, Helen & Karen :) Well Done!
:bounce: :bounce: Sarah is through to the Quarter-Finals after defeating the 7th seed, Casoni, in 3 sets :D :eek: :bigclap: She will play either Bratchikova or Coombs, both qualifiers, so a good chance for Sarah to get to the Semi's ;)

Well Done & good Luck :D
Yes, it was good to see Sarah fight today. She won the first set easily enough, but seemed to be in trouble in the second, requiring the trainer. But her fighting qualities brought her through to a well-deserved place in the quarter finals.
Sarah is into the semi's :bounce: :bigclap: :eek:

She easily beat Bratchikova 6-1 6-2 :D and will play Irina Boulykina, another qualifier, for a place in the final :)

Good Luck Sarah :D It's a winnable match!
Sarah has received on WC for the maindraw for the Nottingham $25k next week :D

Let's hope she makes good use of it ;)

Good Luck Sarah :D
Well, judging by her performance at Cardiff, she ought to make the most of this opportunity in Nottingham, and show us just what determination she's made of! Good luck Sarah!
When i saw Sarah in wrexham i knew she had a great game just that she was making too many errors.I'm not suprised by these results at all.

I hope she can do well in Nottingham now
Sarah got a good draw against Paula Marama, ranked about 300 places below her ;) But managed to lose in straight sets 6-3 6-3 :rolleyes:

It was a pathetic performance, and Sarah looked disinterested & dejected throughout the match.

Maybe when she returns to the US in November she'll play a $50k (I think) and hopefully she can pick up some points there ;)

It shoudl be a good 2004 for Sarah with a good chance to improve the ranking & enter some bigger events!
This week Sarah is playing the $50k event in Eugene, and has already played 2 round of qualifying :)

QR1; def. Jodi Kennoyer 6-0 6-1
QR2; def. Jennifer Hopkins (1) 6-4 3-6 6-4 :D

Let's hope Sarah can keep these good results up for the rest of the event and climb closer to the Top 300 ;)

Good Luck Sarah :D :D
Not a fantastic start to 2004 :sad: But things I;m sure will get better ;)

$10k Tampa; R1 lost to S Vitadze 6-3 6-0 :sad:

Good Luck in Bota Raton, sarah :D
The year hasn't started too well :sad: Sarah lost in Round 1 to Sunitha Rao 6-3 6-3, but not unexpected

Good Luck in your next event Sarah :D And hope for a nicer draw ;)
Bad start to the year Sarah :sad: :sad:

May better things come girl! :) :D
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