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Saori Obata d. Babsi Schett 61 61

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omg well done Babsi :fiery:
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Babsi :sad:

Well done though Saiori :)
Not surprising after the marathon of her last match
obata is playing very well, babsi is not. the scoreline is surprising and upsetting, but the result is not. well i guess it is upsetting. babsi will be ok, she a fox! not literally of course
oh dear... :eek:
As expected :p Saori Obata played well lately so, don't be sad for Babsi ;)
Surprising. I thought she'd have the edge over her opponent.
Babsi :rolleyes: Obata has no weapons, so it means that it was a great selfdestruction job from Babsi :fiery:
Seems that Babsi and her doubles partner are having problems vs. Asian players! :eek:
The quality of Schett's tennis has been imitating Kournikova's in the last couple of years... :confused:
Just Schett these days... :rolleyes:
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GermanBoy said:
Just Schett these days... :rolleyes:
Great play on words there! :clap2:

Schett has the game, but where is her head? She really hasn't played good, consistent tennis since her babe posing at last year's Wimbledon. I think that was the worst thing she could have done for her tennis career. :sobbing:
Saori just beat Ashley and Babsi back to back!!!!!
I actually saw her at the US Open vs Justine and considering how powerful justin is today, she was actually fighting strokes per strokes there.

Ooooh seems like another Barbie-butcher.;)
Babsi :cuckoo: :sad:
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