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Sam Trivia?

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Does anyone wanna play Sam trivia questions?

I'll start:

At the 2010 Charleston Final against Zvonareva, Sam had two words written on her left wrist band/tape. What were they?

Answer, and/or ask another Sam trivia question.
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Bike !

I agree with you, I think she would spend her last 10$ in food ! She loooves food ! :)

What's her car ?
A JEEP!! (like me :cool:)

Favorite restaurant?
I'm going to say it's white.

In case I'm right, here's my question: Which style/model of Oaks was she wearing on court at the Olympics?
what is the color of Sam's smart case iPad ??? :devil:

Hint : Sim is holding it the end of a practice at RG12. :lol:

Hmm, the pretty green grass in your pic does not look like RG at all! Just sayin'....:D

But cool, now we know it's green. I suppose you should ask a new question, right B?
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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