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Sam Trivia?

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Does anyone wanna play Sam trivia questions?

I'll start:

At the 2010 Charleston Final against Zvonareva, Sam had two words written on her left wrist band/tape. What were they?

Answer, and/or ask another Sam trivia question.
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"Attitude" and "composure" !

What's Sam's favourite meal ?
Lipbalm (I think it was... although I guess, that's the pc answer. I'm pretty sure she'd spend her last 10 bucks on food. C'mon, we all know she would. Like French food. Like French Fries. She'd get a huge pile of FF for 10.)

What's her favourite method of transportation in big French cities with crazy traffic?
Bike !

I agree with you, I think she would spend her last 10$ in food ! She loooves food ! :)

What's her car ?
Raj Chaudhuri

Who did she win the most double with ? Stubbs or Raymond ?
What's Sam's fav rugby team?
Probably an australian team but I don't know wich one...
That's not the one with the elephant ? But I'm not sure this ad was for food.
No, that's this one, for Mc Cain !

Funny !

What was the name of her dog ?
I think the battery of her car was low (she called a friend who called a friend...;)) and for her dishwasher, it was out of order ! Bad day !!

Am I right ?

Next question : what's her racquet model ?
Oh that's what I wanted to say ! But I didn't know it was the answer you expected ;)

By the way, do you think it's in Dave Taylor's house ?
Lichtenstein !

Go on with Dave : how long is he Sam's coach ?
This video is In Charleston. You might find a twin one, where she is having breakfast next to a fountain, I guess a few hours before the finale she won ar Charleston.

BTW, that lead us to the logical next question. : where does Dave have a house in Europe? :lol:

Yeah, I love that video ! And the one where she's preparing (making ?) her coffee !
Jane !!

What's the name of her coach's daughter and how old is she ?
1 - 14 of 53 Posts
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