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Safina hasn't changed

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At least it seems she hasn't changed since last year. She has no idea what to do on the court.
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Are you kidding me? She is still learning her way but I see great improvement in her basic shots.
She needs to take chances and have some fun. Why not, the worse that can happen is a bagel. :cool:
No, the worse is tanking for a double-bagel :eek:
I agree! She doesn't seem to have a game plan. I'm not impressed by Marat's little sister.
Thank goodness she got one game :eek:
Awww I like her. She's so cute. How old is she?
She broke Justine :eek: :eek:
She is going to win now. ;)
Yeah, Jarrett, she just won her next game :D
Go Safina!
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At least she put up a fight in that 2nd set.
This match could have been a lot closer. I few points here and there. Well all matches are like that. Go Mary! :)
She should have won the first few games in the beginning having break pts and she was 40-15 on her serve a few times as well
Watched the entire match. She needs a good
strategy/coach and better footspeed. The Marat
mannerisms were funny;but I like her. A
good striker of the ball and obviously talented.
She's really a cute girl too.
She can whack the ball tho :D just needs to work on consistency and court sense.
Damn I can't see the pics! :(
She is cute. She also has Marat's temper :eek: lol
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