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S Williams 2002 vs J.Henin-Hardenne 2003

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Just comparing their stats out of curiousity...not criticizing any player or bashing them...

S.Williams 2002
Finals Played= 10
Titles= 8
Tier 1 titles = 2 ( Nasdaq 100 and Italian Open)
Win-Loss 56-5
Grand Slam wins- 3 (French, Wimby and US open)

Justine Henin-Hardenne 2004
Finals played = 11 ( as of oct22,2003)
Titles = 8
Tier 1 titles = 4 ( Charleston, Berlin, Canadian Open and Zurich)
Win-Loss = 71-9
Grand Slams - 2( French and US open)

Its remarkable...but Serena is 5'10 and Justine is 5'5.5 and serena had so much power and her built is like a super athelete, still with her tiny frame justine has reallly won so many titles and most likely will end the year #1. I really think she is one of the few players who can spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for Serena and the other top players.....finally a great rivalry is brewing again....aaaaah :angel: :eek:
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yes, those are close comparisons.

I think it will be a GREAT rivalry next year.
Venus got Justine's number though. So I think Justine would rather play Serena than Venus.
Kim on the other hand would rather play Venus I think.
But Serena vs Justine will be somethin to watch next year.
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