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Ruflina has tried to cover up her drug addiction by talking to the press and releasing a false article about why Madonika said what she said. This is the article and it is 100% false:

Taliamanosoko and Jahfson controversy ends with a truce

Madonika Diva Jahfson, tour protege of Ruflina Taliamanosoko accused the #3 player of being a crack addict while being pregnant with her second child. Ruflina refused the allegations and did not make much of them.

Ruflina said:

Madonika is a very funny girl. My exhibition is not doing this well as it was last year. My husband went to Madonika and told her to act spicy on the court so people would get excited. Madonika went one step further and started to say things to bring attention to the event so more people would watch. She was really trying to help the event receive more exposure so more money could be donated to the children's fund. I hope everybody understands this is why this happened and I hope everybody is okay. I was very upset at first, but Jane Wong told me to go talk to Madonika and I am glad I did. I feel much better about the situation now. Madonika has decided not to withdraw and her prize money will be re-instated. I hope that the exhibition finishes off nicely as the players truly deserve some respect.

End of article

Ruflina made up a score for the Sabine Graf and Madonika match, which NEVER happend as Jahfson pulled out of the tournament.

"I can assure you that I did not play that match. I just hope the FWTT is aware now that Ruflina is on drugs. Just by the fact that she made up a score and lied to people just to make her exhibition look good is absolutely SICK! It's outrageous. I will file a lawsuit against Ruflina for making up a score, and using my name in a match which I did not participate in," commented Madonika.

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Fleur Delacour:

"I knew it! So that's what she was sniffing behind the towel during our French Open semis!! And I thought it was smelling salts!" <hr></blockquote>

Madonika Diva Jahfson:

"See I am not the only one who knows this! Fleur has seen it too! Further proof!" <hr></blockquote>

Bryanne Pierce:

"Well, I believe Madonika especially Fleur have more proof! And also, I can tell you honest I think that Ruflina was crazy to play tennis when pregnant because it may cause damage to the baby but I can't help her. It only her to decide what she want to do in her future. Oh, I need the money back to me now!" <hr></blockquote>
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