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Roland Garros seedings just released!

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No, not by the WTA. When is the last time those bums did anything for you? As a public service, your good friend disposablehero has decided to announce the top 8 seeds for this coveted event. Look for the WTA to make it official in about 12 weeks, and tell you the other 24 seeds.

1. Venus Williams
2. Jennifer Capriati
3. Martina Hingis
4. Monica Seles
5. Kim Clijsters
6. Justine Henin
7. Jelena Dokic
8. Serena Williams
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Well, since Serena will be playing Scottsdale, Miami, FAmily circle cup and the German open (that is if she doesnt withdraw from any of those) before the FRENCH OPEN, I expect her seeding to be higher than 8.

Top 10 seedings, Roland GArros.

1. Venus Williams
2. Martina Hingis
3. Jenifer Capriati
4. Kim Clijsters
5. Serena Williams
6. Justine Henin
7. MOnica Seles
8. Amelie Mauresmo
9. Jelena Dokic
10. Lindsay Davenport.
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Lindsay is not playing RG I believe. Sorry :( :sad:
Seeds of the best 32 competing girls are based on the past performances of the ladies at the FO in the last 3 years and some other statistiscs regarding clay, I believe

I think that the procedure of changing seeds that would be the case ranking-wise is possible at the French and Wimbledon due to the surface

Regarding rankings, Martina would definetly not be ahead of Jenn untill the French being at about 3.500 points the next weeks losing both Arabian events for her rankings

Regarind FO statistics, Martina maybe has the best 3-years-statistics of all girls and could well be no1

It would be interesting to know wether or not the FO organizers stick to the rankings though
I cannot see them changing the seeding from what there are according to the rankings... They just don't do it with the Womens game..

Plus they really only become relevant if they are moving #2 and #3.. #4 and #5 or #8 or 9.. I just cannot see it happening..

Sure, I can see them messing with the Mens though..
I could see it for Wimbledon though if there´s a girl with a poor Wimbledon record like f.e. Coetzer Maleeva or anyone and a grass expert like Lisa Raymond changing a top16 to a top32 seed f.e.

I thought that they mix the ranks COMPLETELY if they do at all, not just section by section, f.e. mixing top3 and 4, 5 to 8, 9 to 16 or 17 to 32 - I thought it could well be if the no1 player has a poor tournament record could be thrown out of the top4 f.e.

In Wimbledon, I think that one year Steffi was no3 though being unranked injury-wise that time, or one year, the top3 were placed as the seeding committee - and not the rankings - decided:confused:
Yeah. they did that.. I think it was the Year Lindsay won 1999.. she should have been seeded #2 and steffi #3 but they changed the seeding around..

Turned out to be an advantage.. well sort of.. since martina lost in the first Rd (her half)

But apart from that.. when else have they changed the seeding at a GS.. in the womens??
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