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RGQ1: Kiki Bertens def. Annika Beck 61 46 97

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I picked that Annika might get the upset or get close from her consistency but only got to match point :)
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Re: RG Qualifying R1: Kiki Bertens(1) def. Annika Beck 6-1 4-6 9-7 Survives Matchpoi

Kiki. :eek: :weirdo: Anybody know something about Beck? 18-year old german... I see she did well this year, but Kiki must've really fucked it up.

Thank god she somehow won! :bounce: Gain confidence now pls and do well!
Annika is perhaps the most improved player of the year. Lost to Kiki this year in Bath 25K Final. She almost qualified for stuttgart and is a very consistent counterpuncher who can play agressivel. She beat Anett so she must be good ;)

I thought Annika might cause an upset because of her consistency and the newfound pressure on Kiki but she is obviously held back mentally (she is only 18)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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