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Who were the surprising revelations and new favorites
from RG 2003 for you? These are players that you
never heard of or seen or have found a new appreciation for.

I really enjoyed watching Ashley, Vera, and that
guy Sergio Roitmann who played Albert Costa in
round 1 and almost took him out. This guy was so fun to
watch. You could feel the energy, and the highs, lows as
he lost match points, regained match points, and loss his
lead and finally to fall to the defending champ Albert Costa.

I've come to enjoy Tommy Rebredo's game too. I've seen
him play before; but seeing him on clay at RG was great.

I really have come to love Coria's game too. This man is
magic on clay. Sort of like how RIOS was when he was at
his best.

I have to mention Ai because she's really come into her own.
She's a very fun player to watch.

Can't forget to mention Nadia. She's so confident now; no more
sulking and yanking off gold crosses of chain in disgust at losing.
The match play has become really outstanding more Lindsay; but
there still Marat in there.

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michaela krajicek is really doing well in the juniors:)
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