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Stubbsy Comes Out

Way to go, Rennae! :hearts:

PS Stubbsy, there actually is a national Coming Out Day - 11 October!

Stubbs travels with her girlfriend of two years, a former US professional softballer, having shared a long-term relationship with her former doubles partner, Lisa Raymond.

It has only been relatively recently that Stubbs has fully embraced her sexuality, and she hopes that by speaking openly, it will help teenagers who might be grappling with gay issues.

"I always say to my friends, 'Wouldn't it be great if everybody who was gay said they were? If we said: February 21, or whatever, this is the coming out day. So, if you are, you have to come out to everybody you know'. It would be phenomenal.

"And it would be nice if everybody could just accept that it's not a choice, this is who you are. You would never, ever choose this, choose to be gay. It's such a difficult thing to deal with and coming out to people and talking about it, and coming out to your family.

"But I don't hide who I am any more. Everyone in the tennis world pretty much knows who's gay and who's not; the only reason I would like it spoken about publicly more is that I wish everybody would realise that, 'See all those people you admire? Out of 10 of them, four are gay, and I just want you to know that your child can still idolise them'."

Stubbs was 25, which is "old, in the terms of", as she puts it, when she had her first lesbian encounter, but she had long wondered, and thought "maybe". Still, it was not until more than five years later that she felt comfortable enough to be open about her lifestyle.

"I was like, 'I have to get over this, this is not a phase, this is not something to be embarrassed about, this is who I am and I'm not going to deny who I am', and I think this is the point you get to in your life.

"I'd just like to be a little bit more open about it now because I want some 16-year-old girl out there to think, 'It's OK'. All it is is somebody loving somebody."
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