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Cuban tennis star Regla Torres in Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico (AP): Serious questions have been raised in the tennis world after Regla Torres has been seen spending time with ex-boyfriend Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. It is widely understood now that the pair are back to together. Rumours began last week when Torres attended a function in New York City. Since arriving in Mexico, the Cuban star has not even picked up her tennis racquet and has refused to meet the media.

She is a three times finalist in the Acapulco tournament and last year lost to Nadia Banaszek in the finals. There are fears amongst tennis experts and fans that perhaps she is losing interest in tennis again and an actor boyfriend could only steer her away from the game even further. She is due to start filming a Milos Forman film in Spain and perhaps this will mean a break from tennis.

When previously tempted by Hollywood, it has taken Torres away from the game for as long as up to 6 months. Although in an interview last week she confirmed that her focus is on tennis and especially doing well on claycourts.

Regla Torres signing autographs in Acapulco. She plays Nadira Haj-Imani in the first round of the Acapulco tournament.
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