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Redbridge Main Draw

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Here's the first round of the main draw

R. Kuti Kis HUN 86 V A. Bachmann GER 212
M.A Sanchez Lorenzo ESP 217V S. Hiwamatsu JAP 263
M. Buric GER 253V A. Timotic YUG 240
S. Georges FRA 266 V S. Plischke AUT 178
B. Mouhtassine MOR 153V M. Ani EST 219
V. Henke GER 233 V Z Ondraskova CZE 211
E. Martincova CZE 208 V T Almeda-Singian USA 228
E. Krejcova CZE 206 V S. Klaschke GER 205
R. Voracova CZE 186 V K. Liggan IRE 243
A. Keothavong GB 264 V O. Blahotova CZE 223
H. Collin GB 282 V A. Heitz FRA 213
M. Kondratieva RUS 265V N. Vierin ITA 161
L. Ahl GB 175V NN Liu CHN 276
G. Fokina RUS 214 V E. Baltacha GB 239
K. Paterson GB 645V M. Kucerova GER 306
D. Zaric YUG 247 V V. Sassi ITA 151

Oh I wish I could see the Ahl - Nan Nan Liu match, that looks like
the match of the day!
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Thanks for the draw bluepastures.

Another chance for Shiho Hisamatshu who is a LL :) .

Tough draw for Nan Nan who has to play the #5 seed (Lucie Ahl, #175). This is some real test for her :eek: .

Nan Nan will be playing 2nd match this Wednesday. Hope she can take some rest...

Maria is not in a better position with the #4 seed :eek: .
:hearts: GOOD LUCK MARIA ANTONIA :hearts:
Good luck to:
Rita Kuti Kis
Maria Antonio Sanchez Lorenzo
Mia Buric
Bahia Mouhtassine
Maret Ani
Renata Voracova(186?!?!?:eek::D)
Anne Keothavong
Hannah Collin
Nan Nan Lui
Galina Fokina
Dragana Zaric
and Valentina Sassi!!!:D
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¡¡Vamos Toñi!! :D
what a great field, just wish it wasn't 200 miles away :(

good luck

Galina Fokina ;)
Maria Kondratieva ;)

Maret Ani :)
Maria Antonia Sanchez Lorenzo :kiss:

Sabine Klaschke ;) :wavey:
Hannah Collin :) but she plays Anne-Laure ;) (OUCH)

Renata Voracova :)
Angelika Bachmann :)
Sophie Georges :)
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best of luck to:

*Mia Buric :D
*Eva Martincova :D
*Renata Voracova
*Kelly Liggan :D
*Anne Keothavong
*Olga Blahotova
*Hannah Collin
*Galina Fokina
*Elena Baltacha :D
*Dragana Zaric :D
I wish I could be there too.

Good luck to Rita, Maria Antonia, Sylvia, Bahia, Lucie ... and to all the women.
R. Kuti Kis HUN d. A. Bachmann GER 6-4 6-2 :)
M.A Sanchez Lorenzo ESP d. S. Hiwamatsu JAP 6-2 6-4 :D
M. Buric GER d. A. Timotic YUG 6-0 6-1
S. Plischke AUT d. S. Georges FRA 3-6 6-3 6-2

B. Mouhtassine MOR V M. Ani EST
V. Henke GER V Z Ondraskova CZE
E. Martincova CZE V T Almeda-Singian USA
E. Krejcova CZE V S. Klaschke GER

R. Voracova CZE v K. Liggan IRE
A. Keothavong GB v O. Blahotova CZE
H. Collin GB V A. Heitz FRA
M. Kondratieva RUS v N. Vierin ITA

L. Ahl GB d. NN Liu CHN 7-6 (3) 6-2 :)
G. Fokina RUS d. E. Baltacha GB 6-2 6-4 :D
M. Kucerova GER d. K. Paterson GB 6-2 6-3
D. Zaric YUG V V. Sassi ITA
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well done

Galina ;)
Maria Antonia ;)
Lucie :)

bad luck
Karen :( Sophie :(
Angelika :(
Welldone Toñi!!!

¡¡Vamos!! :bounce: :bounce:
what brilliant results ... congrats to rita, maria antonia, sylvia, and lucie :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

too bad rita and maria antonia have to face in the second round ... i hope the winner of that match wins the entire tournament
Well done Maria Antonia!!!! :bounce:
I'm too late for some but good luck to:

Kelly Liggan
Anne Keothavong

and continued good luck to:

Lucie Ahl
Maria-Antonia Sanchez-Lorenzo
Rita kuti-Kis
Nan Nan :sad: :sad:

Best of luck to:

Rita Kuti Kis
Bahia Mouhtassine
Maret Ani
Renata Voracova
Anne Keothavong
Maria Kondratieva
Galina Fokina

Shocked at Rita playing here - she has LOTS of points to defend from the South American WTA tournaments over the next few weeks. A desperate attempt to regain form?
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I think Rita did the right thing to come here. She needs wins. And she has started this tournament with a great win.
Here's the rest of the 1st round scores

B. Mouhtassine MOR 153 BT M. Ani EST 219 (7-6, 3-6, 7-6)
V. Henke GER 233 lost to Z Ondraskova CZE 211 (4-6, 3-6)
E. Martincova CZE 208 BT T Almeda-Singian USA 228 (6-4, 6-1)
E. Krejcova CZE 206 lost to S. Klaschke GER 205 (6-4, 5-7, 4-6)
R. Voracova CZE 186 BT K. Liggan IRE 243 (7-5, 7-5)
A. Keothavong GB 264 lost to O. Blahotova CZE 223 (4-6, 5-7)
H. Collin GB 282 BT A. Heitz FRA 213 (retired)
M. Kondratieva RUS 265 lost to N. Vierin ITA 161 (2-6, 4-6)
D. Zaric YUG 247 BT V. Sassi ITA 151 (6-3, 6-7, 6-3)
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