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Recent Active Multiple GS Winners

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After OZ 2000, there were four active multiple GS winners on the tour. There are now seven.

Feb 2000 Seles 9, Hingis 5, ASV 4, Davenport 3
Feb 2001 Seles 9, Hingis 5, ASV 4, Davenport 3, Pierce 2, Williams 2
Feb 2002 Seles 9, Hingis 5, ASV 4, Williams 4, Davenport 3, Capriati 3, Pierce 2
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I would think Serena is the only one likely to make this 8 anytime soon. I do not anticipate Conchita or Iva winning another, nor do I expect any one of Kim, Justine, Jelena, or Amelie to win 2 of the next 4.
To think about that, ATP has only three active multiple Slam-winners with more than one different Slam. In WTA all multi-Slam winners won at least two different Slams. I still try to formalute
how would it translate into comparable depth of two Tours, and I am feeling it difficult to do it..:)
What is says, ys, is that the ATP doesn't have the "depth" it claims, so much as "specialization".
Yeah, like Guga can only win on one surface ;)

And I DH is right... the only other person who has a realistic chance of making that list is Serena. Some other players might surprise us though ;)
Great points ys and disposable.

To me, it looks like the WTA has a LOT more "depth" than the ATP.

"Depth" isn't just top players being able to be beaten by lower players. Its being able to win on a whole range of different surfaces.

So WHAT was Rios saying again? :rolleyes:
He coudl be saying that last 7 Slams in ATP were won by 7 different men. Need I say how many women were involved in winning last 7 Slams?:) Does it translate into "depth" of ATP? Or should we call it "incosistency"? Or is "inconsistency" a synonym of "depth"? I am confused..
That'd be 'inconsistency' not depth. :rolleyes: Surface specialisation is killing the ATP. Guga doesn't seem to care about many non-clay tournaments (even though he CAN play on them if he puts some effort into it - Masters Cup 2000), Sampras shows up at Wimbledon and the US Open and nowhere else each year and hasn't won a non-Wimbledon Slam for five years, the number of clay-courters who can ONLY play on clay is the real joke and about 2 men can play on grass.
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