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Question about String Tension

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How long does it take for String Tension to change?

Recently I had my racket restrung. I know that it usually takes a couple of hits to get the strings to settle in and make them the way you like them.

Because I had a match coming up, I was more aware than usual by the amount of time it took before they felt right. I played 5 times and just hated the strings. I thought that the stringer f-up and wanted to do a new job. But on the 6th time they were perfect. I play on average 3x a week. So the racket wasn't sitting for 6 weeks, this was about a 2 week period.

I'm just wondering if it just takes that long for them to settle in or should I just drop down my tension 1 or 2lbs to begin with and maybe be good to go after playing one time with them.
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I had natural gut on my old racquet strung to 58lbs. It is really nice.
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