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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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Martin is worth 100 quality points (200 in slams) if you can defeat him. ;)
Marri said:
of course Chris! ;)

#1. we're Martians - quality aliens! ;)
#2. We're praising Martina - quality player!
#3. errhh... we're smart?

pfff... we're quality posters! ;) :angel: except some posters.... :p
I hope you aren't including me in the non quality posters ;)

Wait, that wasn't really a quality post from me, so if I type some more words there, it suddenly becomes quality, doesn't it? ;) Ok that's enough quality now :p
*Beating Martin to get the most quality points*:cool: :p
Chris, saying you'll beat me and actually beating me, is two entirely different things ;)
You sound confident Chris, don't tell me Martina has been telling you how to beat me? ;)
I dont need Martina for that, Martin, I do need her for other things.:eek: :angel:
I'm not sure what these things are :p But I can imagine it would be beating you 6-0 6-0 in a tennis match? ;)
sudenly this thread lost it's quality, but don't worry, it's back now! :p
No no Marri, NOW the quality is coming back to this thread! ;)
You're both wrong. NOW the quality has entered the thread! ;)

Only joking guys, we're all of great quality!!
Hehe Stacey, you put that we are all of great quality, but well that's not true ;)

Out of the last few people that have posted in this thread, here's how the quality goes ;)

Not much quality.................good quality.
Chris Martin Marri, Stacey

No one can argue with that ;):p
*cough* are you *trippin'* Chris?? :p MartinJambo put us in the Not much quality section!!!!!!!!! :eek: *kick*

Martin! you got alott of explaaaaning to dooooo!!! :p
Enjoy your trippin Chris, it's been a while :p;)

Marri, I'm so sorry, basically my post didn't turn out like it should have, here's how I meant it to go ;)

Not much quality: Chris
Ok quality: Martin
Most quality: Marri, Stacey

There is the right version ;) I don't need to do anymore explaining do I? :p
OMG, Martin is the most crappiest poster I have ever seen. He should be banned from this quality thread.

Oh yes, I forgot he is the mod himself.:eek: :mad:
oohh... you're forgive Martin! ;) :kiss: hehe, one of your best quality posts, i must say! ;)

Sorry Chris! :p
You guys are really racking up those quality posts. ;)

But I think Martin is way ahead of everyone. ;)

It's quality that counts, not quantity. :p
Marri and Darkheart, I am heartbroken, maybe not everyone knows how to recognize quality??:rolleyes:
321 - 340 of 701 Posts
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