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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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*Martina_fan* = good quality

jomar = better quality

Martin = best quality ;)

KC = Pea quality ;)

Marri = Bunny quality ;)
Quality never stops in this thread.:rolleyes: am havin' my quality coffee break right now.:kiss:
lol @ Darkheart!

Still, i think i deserve better than just 'good quality'. ;) Although i have to admit, i'm up against some strong competition....
omg.. :eek: this thread is back!!! :eek: *deleting my quality posts* *cough* haha... there are a lot of crap quality posts in here! ;)

Darkheart... ehehhee.. ppl may misinterpret (sp.) the "bunny quality"... :eek:
Oh, you mean people might think:

Bunny quality = Playboy Bunny quality ;)
or more like the bunny are very "sexually active"... :p :eek:
Darkheart, that was a quality last post from you, especially comments about me ;)

Stacey = A lot more quality than most ;)

Marri, how dare you delete such great posts?!! ;) Sexually active bunny's, your bunny has grown up so fast, seems only like 5 minutes ago when it was a baby :p;)
be careful now Martin... ;) if not, I'm gonna send bunny and family over to scotland, and soon the places will be crowed with BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!! *mwuuaahahahahahahahahahahah* :p and you know what, bunny like to eat cute boys named MARTIN! :lick:
another quality threat from Marri.;)
threat?? No..... it was just a sweet lil note for my buddy... no threat... :angel:
Arghhhhhhh no you wouldn't do that to me would you Marri? ;) It would end up being like the bunny movie version of Arachnophobia ;)

I would protest for ages against you because you are threatening to send the bunnies over here, but at the end you called me cute, so that's ok ;). Although if I'm not cute, then the bunnies won't attack me :p
bunnyphobia????:confused: who could suffer that???:rolleyes:
Luis, bunnyphobia only happens to posters with quality, so no bunnyphobia for you ;)

Chris, I bet you'd forgotten about this quality thread :p

Stacey, you post nothing but quality!! ;)
*brining some real quality in this thread* ;)

hehe... it's crazy to read all the crap quality that's in here.... :eek: heh.... :angel:
Darheart - that was a quality post!

Damn it, the quality of this thread is distracting me from my study!!
Pfff! This thread is soooooooo................. uhm full of quality, I should say.:rolleyes:
of course Chris! ;)

#1. we're Martians - quality aliens! ;)
#2. We're praising Martina - quality player!
#3. errhh... we're smart?

pfff... we're quality posters! ;) :angel: except some posters.... :p
301 - 320 of 701 Posts
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