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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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Out-wit Jordan in a battle of wits! But then again, who CANT do that?;)

*peasants REFUSE to stop rejoicing*
This post is ment to boost up the quality in this thread.:angel:
I'm afraid your post didn't improve the quality Almie, because you didn't rejoice like the rest of us peasants ;)

*the peasants rejoice still*
*gives everyone a bowl of macaroni and cheese* :wavey:

*cough*but they dont know that there is poison cheese in it*

Muahahahahahaha! :fiery:
*doesnt eat Macaroni because Jordan was whispering that there was poison it in out loud*

*funnels Macaroni down Jordan's throat*

*peasants take a break, then resume rejoicing*
*also doesn't eat the macoroni cause Ryan told me there was poison in it*

YAY I'm still alive!!!

*peasants start rejoicing again!!*
*doesn't eat the macaroni because I'm allergic to cheese and if I'd eaten it, I would have puked all over you*

*the peasants still rejoice despite having their eyes shut, because they are getting a little tired*
*peasants sleep, but hold up signs that say REJOICE on it*
You guys have quality in your posts?

It didn't appear that way. ;)
Darkheart, you see that post I made on page 1, that was my one quality post on this board ;), so I have proved you wrong ;)

Stacey, always good to see another quality post!! :D
Yeah, after reading everyone's posts, Martin's posts are of the highest quality. ;)
spending some quality time with you guyz.;)
:wavey: Jomar

Glad to see you joining in on the quality posting!
well, jomar isn't the author of this quality thread for nothing.:eek:;)
See I know bringing back this quality thread was a good idea, look at all the quality posts from quality posters, so much quality in here ;)
281 - 300 of 701 Posts
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