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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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And the light blue, and the silver... ;)

Just coz i'm on the light setting, its hard to read
Yay!Thanks everyone! :wavey:

I'm sorry that I cant meet all your "needs"...:rolleyes: :p
One of the thing that IS quality in this thread!;) :p :rolleyes: :angel:
Muahahahahaha :p
And that was a very high quality tongue sticking out, Martin.
*keeping the quality posts alive in this thread*:rolleyes:
This thread is becoming a joke. A thread without Hoon can never be a quality one :rolleyes:

j/k :p
Ryan14 said:
Unlike your posts Almie!;)
Watch out or I will send my cow after you!!!!:fiery: ;)
Oh no! Not a tiny blue and white cow! Whatever will I do?
(end sarcasm)

Is there anyway to ban a poster from a thread? Almie is draining all the quality.;)
Ryan, don't under estimate Almie's cow, the cow's horns could inflict some real damage on you ;)
*Covers genitals* Eep! I think you're right Martin!
a quality LMAO from jomar.:D:D:D
LOL I guess the doggie's begging for a quality post.:rolleyes:
That quality doggie looks liek it needs some quality rest!
That Doggie looks like it was very drunk last night.....;) :angel:
right....the doggie had a quality martini drink last night.:rolleyes:
241 - 260 of 701 Posts
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