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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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How you like that for a quality post?
:( @ Marri
There is more quality in that post then in 100 of your posts!:p
Marri said:

... forgotten that many of my posts go to YOU?! :p lol!
Then they MUST be crap!
But that doesn't mean mine are!!!
I never post crap and you know it!!!:angel: :cool:

Marri is always teasing me with her crappy posts!
KC!!! What are you doing here, this is called a Quality thread,Get out of here!!!;) :p
I should be the only poster in this thread!:angel:
a quality crap thread?? We have had many before!
lol. Marri thats really some quality posting skills there!
But I dont get offtrack that many as Marri likes to think.

So anyway how's the weather in Norway, girl??:rolleyes: :p
lol, Marri I just love the Olympic Ice-Hockey tournament!

Anyhow what did you had for dinner tonight?:p :p ;)
OMG you were in Pittsburgh!!??
That must have been 9 or 10 years ago then.
I have been a big Red Wings fan for 6 years or something!!

btw I had pizza;)
I still can't figure it out.........Jorin has created a quality thread!:rolleyes:
Is there garbage in this thread??? I never noticed.;)

Wow mumim and tennisaddict , seems like there are finally some classy posters in here!!! besides me offcourse!:angel:
WOW! Seems like in Mumin we finally found a quality poster, so unlike Marri!:p
Slapping me is probably the most non-quality post you can create! Congrats Marri!!:kiss: Be proud!!

hmm Where is Jorin??
Oh Marri you exceeded yourself again!!!
Maybe we should crown you as queen of CRAP!!:p
OMG!:eek: You don't really think that suits me, or do you???:rolleyes:
Pfff!!:( I am not totally useless you know........
Wow thanks Marri!:kiss:
Im gonna sleep now. maybe dream about you! :eek:
1 - 20 of 701 Posts
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