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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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lol Chris... sucking up to Marti isn't the best way to get quality posts... :p
Lol Chris! :kiss:

Well, don't you play innocent now! I don't post shitty post alone... forgotten that many of my posts go to YOU?! :p lol!
Lol... Chris honey.... do you want me to search on the posts from YOU? Does the Wannabe Chris say anything?? Does it ring a bell?? :p Marri ----> :angel:
*martina fan*, it's just a thing some of us do... we always talk rubbish... *cough* A thread can be something about Martina's play.. end a few posts later.. it can be about her body... *sigh* *looking at the guys*

Now, THIS is a quality post! :p :kiss:
lol! Martina fan! I know.. I created the CRAP thread to keep thte guys in ONE place, so I (we) don't have to visit 20 threads to catch up! ;) But I guess I failed... :rolleyes:

Chris! The weather here is good! Sunny and fresh! And I'm enjoying the Olympics! It's so much fun to see the Norwegians! so.. how is the Olympic felling in the Net?? :p ;)
Aww, that's so sweet of you asking! I had some chinese food! and you? :p ;)
I know! I think i've become an icehockey fan!! :eek: After seeing Russia, CZE rep. Sweden, USA and Canada play... :eek: :eek: it's so cool! :p :bounce: lol, i really mean it.. i like icehockey now! I was actually in Pittsburgh when the Penguins won the Stanley Cup! ;)
Yeah Martina_fan! What's your name btw..... :eek: ;) there was a time when I was the only girl in here... and boy, was that tough! lol! ;)

chris, yeah, it was in '92! ;) I still have the coca cola box with the Penguin on! :D
lol! :wavey: Stacey! :) Hehe... Jorin is JOMAR... (another poster!) ;)
:eek: I know! :p :rolleyes: ;) :kiss:
LOL! Seems like this thread will NEVER die, now that you guys have showed up! :p ;)

Mumin, thanks, I'm very proud of the Norwegians, but I could be prouder!;) The snowboardriders... tsk tsk tsk... My queen Stine Brun Kjeldaas... :sad: lol! :cool:

PS: we don't call our quality posts for garbage................... only CRAP! :p
Chris: :p

Mumin: :) I know!!! They are thte cutest! but poor Raphael! I was beaten by Ole Einar Bjørndalen every time!!!! lol! Liv-Grete's good friend! :bounce:
Awwwwww!!!!!!!! that was so cute!!!!! :hearts: was that taken in Norway? Since the medal strappy thingy were in the Norwegian colours!
Awww that was beautiful!!!!!! :)

:hearts: :drool: :kiss: @ R!!!!! I've never seen him in 'normal' (;)) clothes. he IS looking good!!!!!! ;) :bounce:
lol Mumin! ;) they sure look good together! And Liv-Grete is beautiful too. Awww... I love when athleats get together! ;)
:eek: *[email protected] Chris* :p

Yeah.. where is Jorin???? Not back yet?? :confused:
:eek: *kicking Chris* Better?? :p
Sure Chris! then you'd be the KING of CRAP!!!! :p
Well Chris, if I'm the Queen, then of course you'd be the King! But remember.. we're like the British monarchy.. I'm the Queen, with ALL the power... you just sit there, and look pretty! ;) :kiss:
Awww.. I know sweetie, you are a great :kiss:! :eek:
:kiss: I'm going to bed too! Maybe we'll meet? :eek: That came out too wrong! I only mean in my dreams! lol!
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