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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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This should be the crap thread the 2nd!:p
Can the administrators jusr conjoin this with the crap thread?:rolleyes: ;)
The real question is why am I here?!?!?!:confused:
Speaking of quality posters:rolleyes:, where is our Jorin?!?!:confused:
[email protected]! I didn't appreciate being honored for that award last year tied with 3 others!:rolleyes: ;)
Chris, martina_fan can tell ya! She's an expert at it!:rolleyes:
Where is that crap thread when you need it?:rolleyes:
This thread ended with Martin/Liz cybering and starts back up with them cybering.:tape:
1 - 8 of 701 Posts
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