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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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Right...... ok then....... *still a little confused but oh well*
Thanks for the verification Marri. Yeah, it's a bit hard not to notice that we seem to go offtrack a little... alright a lot... But i thought thats what you created the Crap thread for... but i guess one isn't enough then....
Don't feel bad Marri, i guess it's just impossible to keep these guys under control :rolleyes:
:wavey: Marri, i feel for you, being the only gal in this bunch! lol As for my name, my real name is Stacey so you can call me that if you like. Some people on this board call me that already sometimes, as well as other variations to my name which i don't really understand (Jorin for example) lol
lol @ Chris i'm glad i'm not the only one who was confused!
Don't you hate it when you're away for a few days and you miss an awards ceremony :rolleyes:

Speech, speech, speech....

*Slaps Pea*

What exactly are you implying? I think you would know a lot more than me!!!!
OMG Marri, guess what. I was in class today and one of the girls in my class, had this thing, i think it was a pencil tin or somethin, i couldn't really tell coz she was kinda far away. Anywayz, i realised it had a picture of you're bunny that you have on you're avatar on it! I was like "OMG, that's Marri's bunny!" lol yeah i just had to tell ya that.
hehehe believe it or not Chris, i actually noticed you were gone!:eek: First day in ages that i haven't been told off by you! lol j/k

Thats ok Marri, what else was i supposed to think of when i saw the bunny. The only other time i've seen it is on your avatar, so i instantly thought of u!

I still haven't read that fight yet! lol i'll have to look for it later!
gee thanks a lot Marri, lol just kiddin girl!

:rolleyes: @ Chris lol what would i do without u?
:rolleyes: Chris and quality posting skills in the one sentance?? :confused: lol
:rolleyes: Do i even need to dignify that with an answer??
Yeah, just like u give everyone the wrong impression about me being a lazy, immature slacker in the NT Forum! :p
Pfft!! It's about as wrong as me saying that you make quality posta all the time :p :rolleyes:
Pfft! Whatever Chris. You know i forgot what we were talking about, i just knew that i had to disagree with you on it!

Oh wait yeah now i remember after scrolling down the screen!!

Yeah anywayz still disagreeing with ya on that one! Can't see it now, and i never will coz it's not true :p
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