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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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You guys have quality in your posts?

It didn't appear that way. ;)
Yeah, after reading everyone's posts, Martin's posts are of the highest quality. ;)
*Martina_fan* = good quality

jomar = better quality

Martin = best quality ;)

KC = Pea quality ;)

Marri = Bunny quality ;)
Oh, you mean people might think:

Bunny quality = Playboy Bunny quality ;)
Martin is worth 100 quality points (200 in slams) if you can defeat him. ;)
You guys are really racking up those quality posts. ;)

But I think Martin is way ahead of everyone. ;)

It's quality that counts, not quantity. :p
Hahaha, Chris (Marri) is my servant.

Your first duty is to say bad things to Marri, not like you normally don't do that already. ;)
Marri said:
Darkheart, what did Martin give you for saying that?? ;)
No bribes needed. I know quality when I see it. ;)

Martin has more quality than everyone else.
Hehe, Martin, that's so true. 2 quality posts in a row is a world record for us. ;)

This is the scale of quality.

1 Martin quality post = 100 Marri posts

OK, Marri, that angel post was indeed a quality post from you. So rare. ;)
Yeah, only quality posters are let onto the board.

How come I got on? ;)

Ants are little so you get little quality. ;)
OMG, what has happened to this thread. LOL! ;)

There's no honor in this thread anymore. As if there was any to begin with. ;)

You people can't even manage 2 quality posts in a row. ;)

Some of you can't even manage 1 quality post, period. ;)
I wouldn't mind some of that stripper quality. Not Canek's stripper though. He has no taste. ;)
Canek said:
Yes, I see you sure have some quality vocabulary there. :p
Wow, you really wanted to save your butt on that one.

Anyway, it is not an English word in the English dictionary so I'll stand by that. :p ;)
1 - 20 of 701 Posts
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